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Why OTB?

Because we are a fun company we tend to have fun and even more fun, however we are very fun and fun is what we do because other people we heard about, that do this, aren't as much fun as we are. Fun is where it's at and when you have lots of fun you will become a funner person who people will love to be around so they can have as much fun as you when you're having fun like we do... and by the way, we offer great OTB Photobooths.


I had the most amazing time. The guys are Awesome
- Joshy Washy Wo

Hire these guys and they'll make fun a 6 letter word... Fuuuun!
- Sophie & Abby

I have just 4 words for you... Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!
- Marilyn & Frank

The OTB Family

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Frederick, Maryland

Phone. 301-370-6432

Email: events@ee-entertainment.com 

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